10 Reasons you should start doing Reformer Pilates

10 Reasons you should start doing Reformer Pilates

The machine you use during Reformer Pilates might look like a scary torture rack, but don’t let this put you off. The benefits of giving it a go are vast – no wonder it’s a discipline loved by celebrities and models alike.

You’ll become long and lean
The controlled and full range of motion in Reformer Pilates create that long and lean body.

It boosts your metabolism
Increasing your muscle v fat percentage will boost your metabolism and allows your body to burn all of that excessive fat off easily.

Improves coordination
It will help improve your balance and coordination which helps boost your focus, concentration and body awareness.

Boost your performance in other sports
Want to run faster, play better tennis or golf? Improving your core strength and flexibility with Reformer Pilates will give you that extra boost in such sports. A reason why Reformer Pilates attracts so many sportsmen.

Helps you recover from injury
It’s great for injury prevention but also fantastic at helping you get back on track with your fitness. This is another reason why Reformer Pilates is loved by so many rugby players and sportsmen.

The deep stretches used in Reformer Pilates will increase your flexibility and furthermore allow you to move more freely and easily.

Improve your posture
It significantly helps improve your posture by ironing out any imbalances in your body and creating that deep core strength from within, therefore making you stand taller, leaner, prouder.

It’s low impact
It’s a low impact workout (but don’t confuse this with easy or ineffective), so it’s easy on your body and perfect if you battle any injury-related niggles…

And the best thing… you’ll end up with the most toned abs of your life!