Are your ‘Commitments’ getting in the way of your success?

Whenever i talk to someone about doing our classes the biggest thing i see is all of the other ‘commitments’ they have that could potentially stop them from doing something that will most certainly change their lives. I’m not exaggerating when i say that either. PILATES CHANGES LIVES!


Doing something new can be daunting. We are not sure of the outcome and have done so many things in the past that have not worked, we are in reality afraid of failure. We are scared of failing at something else to only be left feeling empty inside. Have you ever thought that you have too many ‘commitments’ or as i call them EXCUSES?


If we actually took the time to look at all the so called commitments we have, they will really be excuses to not do something new because of the fear of failure. Instead of looking it as failure, we should be learning from this and coming to a realisation that the new exercise plan or diet plan we have done is not the problem, YOU ARE!


Once you fully commit to one or two things that you know will help you lose that extra weight you gained, tone up or just be happier, you will see huge amazing changes to your life. Until then you will keep repeating the same cycle and failing week on week, year on year.


One of our members made a comment that for the first time she has fully committed to doing something (our classes) and has lost 7 kg since she started!!! She commited, she didn’t jump from one fad to another, she didn’t start then suddenly stop 2 months in because she didn’t get changes straight away, she stuck to it and over time she has began to see a change in her body and mind.


Our studio is very unique. We help the individual see their own potential and where they can go. You ask any of our regular clients how much they love the place. They love it because they can see how it is helping them to change their body shape and how they see themselves. That change only comes from being consistent and coming on a regular basis. Never ever expect anything to be different unless you make the first move to change yourself from the inside out.