Infinite Strong gives a Full Body Dynamic Workout to leave you feeling empowered with more knowledge.

Our unique training programme is designed to maximise your potential and give you the body you truly deserve.

Infinite Strong provides you with the support to increase muscle strength and give you stronger glutes, back and core which will leave you feeling stronger, more confident and with a clear mindset.

The programme looks like this:

2 x Infinite Strong Classes per week

  • A bespoke full body strength and conditioning training programme designed to SHAPE, TONE and BUILD.

    Unlimited access to our Pilates Classes
  • Dynamic Reformer
  • Reformer Fundamentals
  • Arms Ass
  • Athletic Reformer
  • Mat Pilates
  • Pilates for Back Pain
  • Athletic Mat Pilates
  • Yoga-Lates
  • Advanced Reformer (Invite only)
  • Stretchy Feel Good


  • Bespoke Recipe Book
  • Habit tracker
  • Food Planner
  • Weight Tracker

    Training Clinics

  • Squat
  • Bench
  • Deadlift
  • Mobility
  • Diet/Nutrition

    Facebook Support Group

  • Instructional videos
  • Weekly webinars


  • Advice and help
  • Optional measurements for weight loss and body composition
  • Expert Coaching

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    I found the Aerial Pilates class amazing. The hammock helps me stabilise better so I can get a deeper workout. It looks like it would be super easy, but Beth does make you work hard! The best part… the cool down at the end when you get a chance to be cocooned by the… – Full Testimonial “Keely”


    Reformer Pilates is absolutely fantastic. After attending my free session I’ve found something I absolutely love. Look forward to every class, having a stressful personal situation I find the reformer class helps me zone out and take some time for myself.   It’s an absolute must for trying something new… – Full Testimonial “Sharon”


    I am thoroughly enjoying the classes so far with Ryan and Beth. Some of the moves are really challenging and you really have to focuss on breathing and engaging your core! I have a very hectic job which leaves me quite tense…. since doing the classes i feel alot less stressed! Its great to find something that benefits both my body and my mind thanks guys… – Full Testimonial “Michelle”


    I approached Beth for help following recurring injuries during training. She identified areas of muscle imbalances and weaknesses, and designed a programme specific to me.   By following the programme, I quickly noticed an improvement in my posture, and a reduction in the number of injuries. I dropped a dress size and I’m enjoying more food than ever! Since training with Beth, my strength has increased, and I have also improved my half marathon time by 3… – Full Testimonial “Elaine”

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