Effective Exercise

As you know the reason why your first decided on this journey was to start exercising. That’s great, but we must make sure we understand that without following the first two steps (Relax and Eat) then any training that you do will make it harder to get results from.

However, there a few fundamental things we need to consider when we do make that first step into the world of fitness:

1. Are you overdosing on exercise?
One of the most frightening things i have seen is the amount that people exercise. Joining a gym can be a great thing, but could it also be a detriment to your health. So many times i have seen people going from one class to the next. Doing 2/3 classes per day and wondering why they never change. Don’t think i need to do more, think i need to do less.

Also be aware of anyone making you do a crazy amount of exercise on virtually no food! I wont point the finger but loosing 20lbs in 6 weeks is great, bit is it sustainable? We also need to be aware of injuries. Doing classes that involve a lot of jumping is not required unless your a athlete training for a specific sport.

2. Walk More
Aim for at least 10,000 steps per day.

3. Become Stronger
Do some form of strength training during the week. As well as your Pilates we also need to balance out your training with some form of weight training. Before you get all oh i don’t want to get all big and muscly, trust me that will not happen. You would need to training for years on a very consistent basis around 6 days a week to get that look. If you are getting ‘bulky’ you need to be honest with yourself and ask if you are overeating? Weight training is a very beneficial way to strengthen the muscles along side your Pilates. Best of both worlds in my eyes.

4. Do some form of HIIT training
At least once per week find at least 20 minutes to get in some form of high intensity training.

5. Wake up those sleepy Glutes
Due to the nature of our jobs we tend to sit down for long periods of the day, Its important we make to strengthen the bum to help stabilise the pelvis and prevent any lower back pain. Our members page has all the exercises you need.

6. Keep Mobile!
Keeping the body moving and the joints mobile will surprisingly help sustain your life. When we become tight an immobile we increase the likely hood of injury.

7. Make sure to do your Pilates!
Last but certainly by no do Pilates. By reading this you already know you need to do it. Pilates heals in more ways than you can imagine. So lets make these positive changes together.