I can’t do Pilates i don’t have any coordination

I can’t do Pilates i don’t have any coordination

Coordination: Why it shouldn’t stop you from getting started

Coordination, that old chestnut. 

One of the many reasons why we might not start something new. 

We feel we need to be able to tick all the boxes before we can partake any new venture.

Pilates included. 

We do some pretty nifty moves so it is understandable to have some doubts.

That’s why I am here (Beth) to put your mind at ease. 

So what can you do when coming to classes to help you get better with your coordination.

Take Your Time

One thing to remember when doing Pilates is that the movements we do are slow and controlled. 

You may be coming from doing fitness classes that are faster paced and you then think this is the same in Pilates.

Taking your time with each movement will allow you to get to grips with the movement firstly, then allow you to understand which part is meant to move where. 

Here I give you a longer explanation in the video below.


We always go on about breathing, but the importance of it is highly underestimated. 

Not just when doing exercise, but also in your general health and mental well being.

The more you are in control of your breath the easier it is to then coordinate the movements.

Below is a deeper understanding of the breath and how to use it to your advantage. 

Focus on the Mission 

If your head is up in the clouds and you’re not concentrating on what you are doing then coordination will be difficult. 

Coordination requires your full focus. 

That means forgetting about work, removing distractions, and focusing on you. 

You want to get better at something then it needs to be about you not the outside world. 

Check out how I get my clients to focus in a class when it comes to coordination. 

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