Is alcohol holding you back from reaching your goals?

Is alcohol holding you back from reaching your goals?

As I’m sure you are aware we are a nation of drinkers.

It is seen to be weird or frowned upon if you don’t drink. We get pressure from all angles when we go out and are made to feel like the odd one if we don’t drink or like there’s something wrong with you.

I myself used to be a heavy drinker. Not only that a heavy smoker. The two seemed to come hand in hand. When I look back both were done due to pressure from those around me. Not to say I didn’t have a choice, but we all want to fit in and be ‘part of the crowd’.

Drink has been the culprit to a lot of bad hangovers, and subsequent nights I wish to remove from my memory. But as they say you only live, once right?

Exactly you only love once!!

We seem to forget that yes alcohol can be great at the time, but the effect of it later in life and even on a day to day basis can be detrimental to our health and work output. Not only that the dehydration from drink can cause injury when training.

Not only that, those empty calories with no nutritional value are either helping you pile the weight on, or not get it off at all. Not only that its adding stress to your body every time to do drink, and let’s face it you’re eating habits won’t be good after a bender.

If you want to make changes be mindful of who you hang around with, and what you put in your body. I’m not saying give up, I’m just saying be more aware.

Remember the people we hang around with the most, have the most influence on us.

Here’s some tips and tricks to help you:

  1. As alcohol is generally high in carbs make sure on the day you are going to drink eat a lot of veggies, lean proteins and less carbs.
  2. Avoid the drinks that have the most calories like wine, beer and cider. Try to opt for spirts or liqueurs with a low-calorie mixer like soda or tonic.
  3. Once you start drinking stop eating! Avoid that greasy takeaway on the way home! Don’t let alcohol allow you to make bad food choices.
  4. The next day get back to normal. Don’t use a night on the drink as an excuse to eat shit!
  5. Get better Friends who support you not drag you down!

I would never tell anyone to eliminate things from their diet, but if it’s the cause of a lot of your downfalls sometimes needs must.