Is technology making us paranoid?

What would we do without technology now? What did we do when we lived our lives without anyone knowing what was going on? That’s right we just got on with it.

There was no need to share your daily goings on as we either kept them to ourselves or only shared them with the people around us.

Now we can share everyday personal things with the world. Nothing is private anymore, and information can be easily found.

It is a great in a lot of ways, but the majority of what we see is not used in a good way. We are made to believe people have these perfect lives which is normally bullshit.

This brings me to the likes of what’s app, snapchat, and Facebook messenger. As you will know when you send that message or snap it comes up with a little tick to say they got it. That’s great at least you know it has been delivered.

But hold on a second they clearly read it those two little ticks have turned blue!! Why haven’t they replied to me! They clearly read it and just ignored it! They must be cheating!! Do they even like me? How dare they not reply instantly!!

Does this sound familiar?

We have all been there. Paranoia sets ins and you start to concoct a million different scenarios as to why they haven’t replied to you, when they are probably more than likely just busy and haven’t had a chance to message.

This in my eyes is a recipe for disaster. It is breaking down relationships and making people ill in the process. You get anxious and depression sets in. Sounds bad but its true.

What happened to calling someone and talking over the phone. Or better yet just having that conversation with them in person instead of over text. Do you find you see each other and have nothing say? Probably because you said it all over text!

The art of communication is a dwindling past time. We are so focused on our phones and all the different apps we have forgotten what it’s like to engage in conversation. What’s worse our children are following in our footsteps.

How many families can say they sit and have a conversation around the dinner table without the kids being glued to an iPad?

We are becoming a world of robots. By the time robots are made they will be more intelligent than us, and we will become like carbon copies of each other with our heads down in our phones.

I think technology has been useful in a lot of ways, but if your life is one big social media stream are you really living your best life?

We are here to be much more than just a picture behind a filter. We are here to have a purpose!

What’s yours?