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After previously being very active, I’d taken a long break from exercising. I’d put on weight and lost my motivation and confidence in the gym. I started PT with Beth and knew straight away that she was one of the most knowledgeable PTs I’ve met. Beth took me back to basics, worked on my nutrition, my mobility and my joint stability. She’s corrected some old bad habits and reinforced some good ones.   Beth has supported me hugely through coaching, and has helped me change my mindset as well as working towards my goals. I am back in the gym… – Full Testimonial “Rebecca”


Over ten years of chronic back pain had resulted in me being overweight, unhealthy and inactive, so, in 2015, after deciding enough was enough, and having had some intense physio, I was able to start Pilates classes with Beth where she helped me strengthen my core and generally change my attitude towards my health, fitness and wellbeing. After a few months, I was able to start 1-1 personal training with her and can honestly say I’ve never looked back! The changes in my body are amazing, and whilst I have lost weight and dropped 3 dress sizes, the important thing… – Full Testimonial “Pam”

Elaine – Pilates

Love Beth’s reformer class really feel the difference after just 2 session with my back. Really looking forward to progressing and improving my technique next session Thursday can’t wait… – Full Testimonial “Elaine – Pilates”


I approached Beth for help following recurring injuries during training. She identified areas of muscle imbalances and weaknesses, and designed a programme specific to me.   By following the programme, I quickly noticed an improvement in my posture, and a reduction in the number of injuries. I dropped a dress size and I’m enjoying more food than ever! Since training with Beth, my strength has increased, and I have also improved my half marathon time by 3… – Full Testimonial “Elaine”