Infinite Strong gives a Full Body Dynamic Workout to leave you feeling empowered with more knowledge.

Our unique training programme is designed to maximise your potential and give you the body you truly deserve.

Infinite Strong provides you with the support to increase muscle strength and give you stronger glutes, back and core which will leave you feeling stronger, more confident and with a clear mindset.

The programme looks like this:

2 x Infinite Strong Classes per week

  • A bespoke full body strength and conditioning training programme designed to SHAPE, TONE and BUILD.

    Unlimited access to our Pilates Classes
  • Dynamic Reformer
  • Reformer Fundamentals
  • Arms Ass
  • Athletic Reformer
  • Mat Pilates
  • Pilates for Back Pain
  • Athletic Mat Pilates
  • Yoga-Lates
  • Advanced Reformer (Invite only)
  • Stretchy Feel Good


  • Bespoke Recipe Book
  • Habit tracker
  • Food Planner
  • Weight Tracker

    Training Clinics

  • Squat
  • Bench
  • Deadlift
  • Mobility
  • Diet/Nutrition

    Facebook Support Group

  • Instructional videos
  • Weekly webinars


  • Advice and help
  • Optional measurements for weight loss and body composition
  • Expert Coaching

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    I’m hooked!   I was highly anxious when I came to the reformer taster class. But the moment I walked through the door the whole ambience of the studio put my mind at rest. It’s lovely. Beth and Ryan could not have been more friendly and approachable. The class was without doubt the best workout I have done and I have tried many over the last ten years to regain physical health.   I have always ended up creating more damage because of wasted muscle tone. This resulted in me loosing hope of ever being able to achieve any level… – Full Testimonial “Jan”


    I began working with Beth with the aim of losing weight however Beth’s brilliant holistic approach has meant that my posture, strength, nutrition, sleep and general wellbeing have all improved . Beth’s way of working is very personalised and she understands what really motivates people . The sessions are challenging but in a good , supportive way and are never boring .   I always feel I’ve worked hard but Beth always knows exactly the right amount of challenge to include so that I am never overwhelmed or demotivated . Beth is extremely knowledgeable and ensures that I am doing the… – Full Testimonial “Patricia”

    Elaine – Pilates

    Love Beth’s reformer class really feel the difference after just 2 session with my back. Really looking forward to progressing and improving my technique next session Thursday can’t wait x


    Over ten years of chronic back pain had resulted in me being overweight, unhealthy and inactive, so, in 2015, after deciding enough was enough, and having had some intense physio, I was able to start Pilates classes with Beth where she helped me strengthen my core and generally change my attitude towards my health, fitness and wellbeing. After a few months, I was able to start 1-1 personal training with her and can honestly say I’ve never looked back! The changes in my body are amazing, and whilst I have lost weight and dropped 3 dress sizes, the important thing… – Full Testimonial “Pam”

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