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If I were to describe myself in two words: Strong Minded

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Since a child I have always been active in some way. From the age of 5 I learnt to ride horses and finally pursued a career in horse racing. After 7 years and countless injuries I decided it was time for a career change. I headed back to university and completed my BSc in Sports Therapy. This opened me up too many other avenues where I eventually found Pilates.

Without Pilates I would have never realised my true purpose in life. I have always enjoyed exercise and love to lift weights, but Pilates means so much more and that’s why I wanted to open up the first Boutique Pilates Studio in the North East. Pilates has helped me with a lot of struggles in life and opening up this studio has made me realise that even more.

Like you I have gone through many adversities suffering from depression and anxiety to having bulimia through university. What I have discovered through doing Pilates is that until you connect fully with your mind and body you will never truly discover your capabilities. Pilates doesn’t just strengthen your body but the mind too.

My mission in life is to always improve and work on myself to be able to show others that even in what may seem like the hardest times there is light at the end of the tunnel and we are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.

Meet Ryan!


If I were to describe myself in two words: Diligent, Innovative

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From being in every sports club my Mum could possibly drive me to as a kid, to dancing professionally in my teens, I have pursued a lifestyle in which fitness and health are a number 1 priority. Using my BSc in Sports therapy and rehabilitation allowed me to discover and learn the principles of Pilates and deliver them in a unique way and provide the best possible service to clients.

Learning about Pilates whilst also learning about my own body and injuries, while increasing my own level of fitness, has created opportunity for a great learning curve, providing me with the knowledge and experience to deliver a quality of service to clients on a more personable and understanding level.

The most important thing I have learned about this industry is that there are many who think that a patient cured is a patient lost. What I stand by is the ethos that I am not here to fix someone or make them reach their goals, I am here to enable those people and provide them with the knowledge to be able to do it themselves. With that, clients can then learn to enjoy fitness and exercise, just as I do, and allow it to become and part of their everyday lifestyle.

Meet Charlotte!

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I have always been a fitness enthusiast since I was younger when I swam competitively. However, my pilates journey didn’t start until later when it was recommended for my back after an injury.

I had never done pilates before however as soon as I started Pilates I noticed the improvement in my body and instantly fell in love with it. I decided to become a qualified instructor teaching classes from rehab to fitness to all different types of clients in London.

Pilates particularly benefits me because of my back problems but also helps with my other main hobby surfing. Most sports including surfing you need a very strong core and it helped my performance in the water substantially improving my power, balance, coordination and my mind body connection.

My aim as a teacher is to help you achieve these through exciting motivating routines so you leave the class feeling stronger and happier.

Meet Sally!


Two words to describe me: Prepared and professional

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My journey into Pilates and fitness was not a straightforward one. I was a very active teenager, representing the county and region at Netball and running middle distance. Sport was never even mentioned as a degree at my school; so, I studied Economics and Business.

In 2010, after 10 years in the corporate world, I retrained as a PT and started freelancing. I don’t regret these years in retail management as they taught me transferable skills; especially in organisation, professionalism and communication.

Since 2010, I have expanded into Sports Massage Therapy and teach 4 forms of exercise classes. It was an injury that introduced me to Pilates. I pulled my back, a physiotherapist recommended Pilates and I was hooked. Pilates now accounts for a third of my working week and I intend on adding to that.

I love how inclusive Pilates is. I have worked individually with a Mosaic Down Syndrome Team GB world record holder. Other clients have included pre and post-surgery, those with depression, pre and post-natal and even a lady in her 80s.

Hopefully Pilates will keep me active to a similar age.

I aim to leave participants feeling more flexible, positive and calm. A class should be an experience not a routine.

Meet Pam!

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