How can Reformer Pilates help with your back Pain: Looking at the Squat

How can Reformer Pilates help with your back Pain: Looking at the Squat

What makes Pilates good for helping back pain?

We all know how irritating back pain can be. It can start to get you down and make you feel like nothing will help.

So what makes Reformer Pilates so special?

The Reformer is an amazing piece of equipment that allows us to fully be in control of our bodies while doing a movement.

You can imagine doing a squat and wondering why you get pain?

Well it is most likely your Pelvis is unstable, your core is not activating correctly, and you are just not sure how your body should feel doing the movement.

The Reformer can position us in such a way that it takes all of the worry away from doing a normal squat by doing it lying down.

I know right sounds great. Doing exercise lying down.

So let’s just focus on the squat for today and watch how I bring together a series of movements on the Reformer that will help you to remain in control of your pelvic position and reduce the likelihood of any back pain coming on.

Now there is no reason why we can’t then squat later in a class as the movement pattern is something we do everyday. Take for example sitting on a chair. It’s a squat.

So what’s different about how we have done it with the Reformer?

For one within any initial Prep Phase on the Reformer we are making sure you are bringing awareness to your pelvic position, activating the abdominals and glutes so when we come to squat later in the class your body is ready to do so.

Our focus is to create stability then movement.

A stable frame creates better movement patterns and also makes you more flexible. But that’s a whole other conversation.

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