Post-Natal Pilates For The New Mum

Post-Natal Pilates For The New Mum

For many new Mum’s, the thought of exercising having given birth can be a mixed bag of emotions. Some Mum’s are more than happy to absorb their perfect little bubble for as long as they can, and we don’t blame you! You’ve waited a long nine months for your little one to arrive! While others are eager to get back into their much loved pre-pregnancy wardrobe to feel like themselves again. Whichever way you lean towards, one thing that you must understand is that it is completely normal to feel all of these things. 


Bearing your first child is a major life-changing moment for any woman – no matter how young or old. Your body is put through its paces from the moment you find out you are expecting to the minute your waters break and beyond. It’s a priceless experience that shows us what we are capable of and how strong the female body really is. 


We understand that exercising post-birth can be tricky – particularly if you have experienced difficult labour. You have to remember that due to the strain and stress that birth can have on your body, it will have gone through some natural changes. Which is why here at A1 Infinite Performance, we want to be able to support you in this transition, and tailor your workout around your capability, to encourage a sensible and healthy return to gentle a fitness routine to have you feeling physically and mentally on top form. If you are a new Mum who is thinking about getting back into their fitness, then why not consider Pilates? We have recently introduced our brand new Post-Natal Pilates class to our boutique studio in Newcastle, where we welcome all new mummies every Wednesday morning at 10:30 AM to come and try something new, with a team of expert trainers on hand for any requirements and assistance. So let’s find out what the benefits of practicing Post-Natal Pilates are…

The Benefits Of Post-Natal Pilates


It’s Safe


General guidelines advise that you wait six weeks after giving birth naturally before you participate in any form of exercise, and around eight to 12 weeks if you underwent a c-section birth. Once you have respected your body through this timescale you will be ready to start building your inner core safely. And when you attend a professional Pilates class, you are guaranteed the correct training and advice in a safe, professional environment. 


Regain Control – Physically and Mentally


Pilates is a therapeutic form of exercise that works on both the body and mind, and helps recipients to become more aware of their bodies, through the focus of their breathing, stretching and flexibility. Practising Pilates simply gives new Mum’s the opportunity to gain mindful control of their muscles and mind-frame, and release positive endorphins to speed up their post-birth recovery.  


Improves Your Pelvic Floor Muscles


Your Pelvic floor muscles are a crucial part of your body that you will be grateful that you have worked on as soon as possible once settling into life with your newborn. Pelvic floor exercises can help overcome post-birth issues such as incontinence, stress and other issues such as a prolapse. Pilates helps women to strengthen their Pelvic floor muscles which in turn will benefit posture, stability and strength.


Regain Your Confidence


It is reported that around 82% of women are unhappy with their bodies post-birth, but joining an uplifting, and inspiring Pilates class – we could help to transform your confidence by instilling everything that your body has gone through and what it gave you, have all been worth it and you are stronger than you even believe! Whether your confidence has been knocked in terms of your weight, your body shape or your social skills – our team here at A1 can help you overcome these worries and bring back your glow in no time! 



It Is Calming

Every new Mum longs for that moment of blissful silence, and whether she gets it by sitting on the toilet for five minutes to enjoy the peace and quiet, or it’s during feed time – they can come thick and sparse. But practising Pilates is a calming method of exercise, focusing on what is going on inside the body. You can take it at your own pace so that you do not tire yourself out and take it as the time to reconnect with your body, mind and soul. 


A Sociable Circle

Not only are you guaranteed friendly and welcoming trainers when you come along to join one of our Post-Natal Pilates classes here at A1 Infinite Performance are incredibly sociable, offering a small group of new Mums in the same or similar situations an opportunity to come down to our studio, learn a new skill and chat with fellow Mum’s about their experiences, successes and issues. It is a class full of like-minded people, making you feel confident and comfortable to open up and endure some well deserved ‘me-time’ – something that is often overlooked during the first few weeks or months of motherhood. 

Get In Touch Today…


If this blog post has inspired you to try something new, and do something today that your future self will thank you for, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Give us a call on 0191 276 2611 or write to us at info@infiniteperformance.co.uk. As we mentioned earlier, we are a friendly, warm and welcoming team of professional Pilates trainers here at A1, with your best interests at heart and we would love to welcome you to experience your first Post-Natal Pilates class with us today!