Over ten years of chronic back pain had resulted in me being overweight, unhealthy and inactive, so, in 2015, after deciding enough was enough, and having had some intense physio, I was able to start Pilates classes with Beth where she helped me strengthen my core and generally change my attitude towards my health, fitness and wellbeing.

After a few months, I was able to start 1-1 personal training with her and can honestly say I’ve never looked back! The changes in my body are amazing, and whilst I have lost weight and dropped 3 dress sizes, the important thing is that I have strengthened and toned my body and have a new outlook on my life and lifestyle.

I feel fit and healthy in both my body and mind for…..yes, probably the first time in my life I reckon! I now think about what I put into my body and am doing exercises that I would never have thought possible, and certainly would never have believed that I would enjoy!

I started training with Beth just before my 40th birthday and corny as it may sound, I can honestly say, life began again for me at 40! I feel better now than I have ever done and feel more like a 30 year old than a 40 something. This wouldn’t have happened without Beth’s training and constant support. Thank you Beth! Here’s to the next few years and what I can achieve with your help!