The Importance of staying Hydrated

Without sufficient water in our bodies, the cells get congested, our body cannot ‘detox’ naturally, and the bladder and kidneys won’t work properly. Drinking an adequate amount of fluid is crucial for staying healthy, and for the body to be able to function to the best of its ability. This means making sure the heart, brain and muscles, are able to function as best they can.

We should be drinking on average 3 liters of water per day, and that’s the minimum. This will increase when we do physical activity, and go up to as much as 4 liters a day. If we have one day where we don’t hydrate enough, it can take the body up to 3 days to be fully hydrated again.

The Key Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Improve Physical Performance

Keeping hydrated will help you to perform better when it comes to your training. I order for our body to perform optimally, we need plenty of water to carry the oxygen to the muscles. Even mild dehydration can cause up to a 30% decrease in performance.

Weight Loss

When we don’t drink enough water, our body will try and hold onto the available source it has. This in turn can actually make us hold onto water, causing water retention. Also, if our cells are depleted off too much water, it will try to outsource this in other ways. Our brain then tells our body to get the nearest food source. This is what then leads to bad eating habits (binge eating), and in turn ends up in weight gain. If your feeling hungry and you have just eaten, make sure to drink plenty of water first, and re hydrate those cells.

Better Digestion

If you struggle with digestive issues like IBS, bloating or gas, it can be because we are not drinking enough. Keeping hydrated eliminates a build-up of toxins and prevents us from getting constipated.

Increased Energy

Since your brain is mostly made up of water (75% to be correct), drinking plenty of water will increase your focus and help you to concentrate better. Not only that, it will help increase your energy levels just as an added bonus.

Healthy Skin

Water will provide your body with a natural moisturiser, keeping the skin looking supple, fresh, young and glowing. It even aids in being your own anti-wrinkle treatment without plying lots of nasty chemicals to the skin.

Natural ‘Detox’

Our body is in a constant detox, so we should never be doing any sort of so called ‘detox’ diet. These are total rubbish, so don’t waist your money. Drinking plenty of water and a  good diet will help rid the body of any nasty toxins that build up.

Handy Hydration Tips

  1. When you wake in the morning, have a pint of warm water with lemon.
  2. Always keep a bottle on you.
  3. Get yourself a water bottle!
  4. Drink water with every meal.
  5. Set a reminder on your phone.
  6. Replace a coffee or tea with water.