What To Eat Before Practicing Pilates

What To Eat Before Practicing Pilates

If you are looking to tone up or lose weight through practising Pilates, then you must also consider your nutrition – as we all know that exercise and diet work hand in hand to support each other and get the best results, without the need for crash dieting and over-exercising. But do you know exactly what you should be eating before you come to do one of our Pilates classes here at A1 Infinite Performance?


What To Eat Before A Pilates Class:


Depending on what time of day you are attending your Pilates class, it can be super easy to tailor your meals depending on whether it is in the AM or PM. It is just important to bear in mind that you do not consume foods that are going to leave you feeling especially full and tired before you have even begun. Although you may think that consuming carbs are good prior to exercise in order to gain energy and momentum, we would advise that due to Pilates requiring a different energy and intensity than other sports such as running or weightlifting, that you avoid them as they are more likely to hinder your performance, rather than enhance it. 



We recommend that you eat anywhere between one and a half to two hours prior to your class, in order to give your stomach time to digest your food and to avoid feeling unwell throughout your exercise. Here are some of our recommendations on delicious dishes to favour before you head to your class…


Smashed Avo And Eggs –


You can’t triumph a classic dish like Smashed Avocado and Eggs at any time of the day, can you? Perfect for setting you up for the day at breakfast time, enjoying as a light lunch or boosting your energy levels at dinner time. Simply toast yourself a more nutritious bread option, for example Rye bread, wholemeal, or even try a naked dish (no bread, no carbs whatsoever) and mash up either whole or half of an avocado (it’s completely your preference, Avocado is a great source of natural fats!) and then it’s up to you how you like your eggs… Poached, Scrambled or even hard-boiled would be our top recommendations, as opposed to frying them in the pan. Finish off with a little sprinkle of chilli flakes, salt or pepper or add a few Spinach leaves and voila… a quick energy fuelled dish that only takes around 10 minutes to cook! 


Protein Packed Salad Poke Bowl –


Salad’s don’t have to be dull, bland or boring! When you incorporate all of your favourite ingredients, you can make a delicious Poke bowl perfect for snacking on before you come to your Pilates class. The top tip for our Salad Poke bowl is to jam-pack it with your favourite source of protein – so whatever that may be, from eggs, chicken, seafood, almonds, oats and cottage cheese to mention a few, and then you will find it is a lot more substantial to last you between meals, without leaving you unsatisfied. 


Steamed Trout with Mint & Dill –


A dish that is rich in fish and vegetables is a super quick and easy way of ensuring that you pack all of the nutrients that you need, into one meal, while still feeling light and ready to go, as opposed to heavy and bloated. We recommend Steamed Trout, which provides a lot of protein, high in omega-3 fatty acids and rich in potassium to name just a few, and mix with a range of your favourite vegetables, seasoned with lemon, mint and dill and you’re set to go!


All About The Snacks:


Sliced Apple with Almond / Walnut / Peanut Butter –


A basic snack, with a brilliant twist! Simply slice up an apple into chunks, wedges or thin slices – whichever is your favourite, and spread your preference of Almond, Walnut or Peanut Butter over for a delicious, healthy, protein fuelled snack in between meals. 


Yoghurt with Berries / Nuts –


A super healthy, light snack that is guaranteed to fill you up with a bowl of yoghurt, topped with your favourite assortment of berries and nuts, that will keep you fuller for longer, and is packed with flavour! A top tip: Opting for brands of yoghurt such as Alpro, Yeo Valley and Aria are exceptionally healthy, especially with a 0% fat count. 


Celery and Hummus –


A super cheap snack to enjoy between meals, you can pick a bunch of celery up in your local supermarket for just pennies, and a pot of hummus (any flavour that is your fave!) and you’re good to go! As celery contains 95.43 grams of water content, and 690 mg protein, it is full of feel-good, natural richness and the perfect snack to chop up and pop up in a tupperware box to take on your travels!


Pre-Pilates Beverages:


Water – 


You can NEVER go wrong with a good old glass of H2O! Especially before, during and after you practice Pilates. Simply keeping yourself hydrated, water can also boast benefits to your hair, skin and nails, and aid in fighting off tiredness! You can even infuse it with your favourite fruits, or lemon/cucumber/lime to give it a hint of fresh flavourings. 


Protein Shake –


If you struggle to get your protein count into your edible meals, then why not add the remaining count into a protein shake? With so many flavours available from strawberry, chocolate, banana and vanilla to name a few – there is something for everyone to enjoy!


Fruit Smoothie – 


More often than not, fruit gets forgotten about in your fruit bowl, so one way to avoid any waste, is to blitz it all up in your blender and enjoy it as a fruit smoothie while on the go! Containing natural sugars, it will be packed with flavour and will aid in keeping you full in between meal times. 

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All of this talk of food is getting us super hungry, and tummies are rumbling away! So we’re off to stir up a quick dish before we practice our Pilates, we hope to see you in our Newcastle boutique studio sometime soon to join us! Come and take a look over on our website to check out what pilates classes in Newcastle we have available, and get yourself booked in today!