What to Expect From a Reformer Fundamentals Class

What to Expect From a Reformer Fundamentals Class

What is Reformer Fundamentals

Like anything we start doing it is always important to learn the fundamentals especially when it comes to doing exercise. 

Not only that, you will have most likely not even seen a Reformer before so it is important to get used to all of the different parts of the machine. 


What to expect? 

Like I said you will be learning the fundamental movements we do on the Reformer, but also the fundamentals of Pilates.

Pilates is all about creating awareness of the body and to do that we need to slow right down. 

Day to day life is normally pretty hectic so when you come to a fundamentals class expect to slow down from your fast paced life.

Pilates is all about focusing on:

  • Body Awareness to strengthen and stabilise the body
  • Control of Movement 
  • Coordination of the Mind and Body
  • Smaller slower more defined movements
  • Creating symmetry for a more balanced body

Reformer Fundamentals allows you to:

  • Create a deeper connection to the body with the use of the different attachments
  • Feel more stable and in control of your movements if you are worried about injuries
  • Allow your body to get stronger in a safe environment
  • Take it at your own pace and build your strength slowly to your current abilities  
  • Discover your Inner Pilates Warrior 

Not only that, we are able to easily give you modifications of exercises if you feel your back pain or sciatica is flaring up. 

Our classes are small (only 8) so you get the most from our classes and get the personal feedback you won’t get in big gyms. 

Before you come to class here are some areas to think about that might help you so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

Neutral Spine

We will use this term a lot in class so it is always good to get acquainted with it before coming to the class. Here Beth explains how to achieve a neutral spine and watch points to look out for. 

Abdominal Activation

Getting the abdominals to activate can be harder than we initially realise. To get the most from your classes it is important to learn how to engage them correctly. Beth shows you how this is done. 


Breathing is most certainly the hardest part to master. We don’t expect you to get it straight away, but always remember it is part of every movement. Check out Beth’s tips on how to breathe during the class. 

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