What to Expect when Coming to a Dynamic Reformer Class 

What to Expect when Coming to a Dynamic Reformer Class 

What to Expect when Coming to a Dynamic Reformer Pilates Class 

What is a Dynamic Reformer Pilates Class?

Our Dynamic reformer classes are pretty special. Over the years we have made some major changes to this class and now take pride in our very own Infinite Flow Method.

Basically this means our classes compromise a series of movements that seamlessly flow from one to another. This means less time for thinking, more time for doing. 

We can create 100’s if not 1000’s of flows because of this. 

One important thing you get from the classes is that no muscle will be forgotten about. 

Our flow method also includes our layering method. 

The layering method starts with the Foundation Movement then builds gradually to make it harder. 

You have the choice of sticking to the first step or choosing which layer you want to move to. 

Never feel you need to go for the hardest option. Always build slowly and even step back when it gets too tough. 

What to expect? 

Dynamic Reformer is still controlled like our Fundamentals class, but we get a lot more in. Expect to be moving around the machine and using every inch. 

Here is what you can expect during a class: 


You may even get to use the infamous jumpboard. A favourite among our members. 


Our layering method is a great way for you to build your strength over an extended period of time. 

We know how boring it can be going to gym classes and that you disappear into the background. 

With our classes being a maximum of 8 we are always there on hand to help you when needed.

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