Who should you listen to when trying to get fit?

In todays health and fitness industry, there is a cacophony of voices all saying different things about what is healthy for you and what things we need to avoid. Have you noticed that many of these claims tend to change all the time? Most of the things said or published online are either false or backed by unreliable research, which is why the popular example of ‘can you have a glass of wine while pregnant’ has so many different answers.

With regard to exercise, many sources claim that you have to do a particular type of exercise in order to get fit. This is untrue.

It is vitally important that whoever you listen to for advice when it comes to health and fitness knows what they are talking about, and aren’t just trying to sell you something that you don’t really need.

So who should you seek out?

The best people to go to for reliable information are real people, not from an article online. Make sure that the person you are taking advice from has many years of experience in the industry and has proven themselves to show results – It’s easy to forget that it is very easy for anyone to become qualified in something by simply doing a 2 day course to get the certificate – this doesn’t mean they know everything.

This proves true with Pilates, most people will tell you that Pilates is for stretching, or only for those who have injuries. Although it is great for both of those things, it is also so much more, and those people who devalue it have probably never tried it for themselves.

Once you are aware of your goals, Pilates can be adapted to benefit you in a variety of ways. Whether this be to improve strength, Tone up and lose wieght, or gain a new level of flexibility and bodily control, Pilates is an outstanding practice that is done by many celebrities and athletes alike.

So unless you’re going for worlds strongest person, try ditching the overly heavy weights or training with a trainer who prefers to look in the mirror than making sure you are being safe, and see how far you can push yourself in Pilates. You may be surprised!

Thanks for reading!