Your metabolism isn’t the problem

Your metabolism isn’t the problem

There are many excuses we say to ourselves in order to avoid change and to make ourselves feel better without putting the necessary work in to lead a healthier lifestyle. One of the biggest excuses out there is metabolism. Whether it be that we blame our metabolism being too slow so we can’t lose weight, or it’s too fast and we struggle to gain any muscle.

The main issue with this is that it’s easier to blame something that cannot be measured. The hardest part is admitting that there is something about yourself that needs to change. While body positivity is key for anyone, knowing when you need to lead a healthier lifestyle takes priority, otherwise body positivity instead becomes ignorance to a bigger issue.

Here’s the thing though, you can do something, and it has nothing to do with trying to ‘boost’ your metabolism or change something that even nutritionists and people in the health and fitness industry know very little about. We can make changes to our lifestyle to be healthier and achieve our goals, and all we have to do with regard to our metabolism is be aware of how we need to adapt the changes we make in accordance with it.

The focus of change really does depend on things we can measure and control – I mention this a lot, but this is one of the things necessary before we will see change.

The most common scenario is that people want to lose weight, but they say that their metabolism is too slow, that they could look at a doughnut and put on wieght. TheĀ bestĀ thing to do here is to look at the things you can measure, such as drinks. While many sources claim that water ‘boosts’ your metabolism to help you lose weight, the main cause of this may be because you have substituted something full of sugar for the water. If you were to measure how many calories these sugary drinks have, you could potentially still enjoy them without having to completely substitute them for water, and also lose wieght.

For your nutrition, using apps such as MyFitnessPal allows you to easily track the foods that you eat. If you are aware that you need to consume less calories because of a slow metabolism, then this is a great way to track which foods in your diet may be having a negative impact. You may be surprised as to how unhealthy some of your favourite foods may be!

So remember, your metabolism isn’t the problem when it comes to hitting your goals, it is simply something that we all must be aware of.

Need some ideas for meals or what to substitute for cravings you just can’t get rid of? Ask a member of the team in the studio and we’ll be sure to give you some ideas!